Brow Mapping

Become a Brow Master by developing the skills to use multiple Brow mapping tools and techniques. This course is taken out of the Enchanted Beauty Institute curriculum and offers great detail and easy to follow steps.

This course has been written for Brow Artists who are at any stage of their career! Some Brow Artists have been designing eyebrows for 10 years but now feel out of date with new techniques and "lines" they see on social media, some Brow Artists need extra help with visualising the design before they commit to the service, some Brow Artists just want to know more ways of doing what they already know!

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4 learners
2 hours
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4 lessons
What you'll learn

Skilfully map your clients eyebrows with confidence

Learn to use 7 different brow mapping techniques

Up your brow treatment game

Master the Art of Eyebrow Mapping

Learn the EBI 12 point eyebrow mapping system

Create perfectly symmetrical visual guides for eyebrow services


Beneficial to new and experienced Brow Artists

Additional information

Brow Artists and Beauticians who want to level up on their eyebrow mapping skills.



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