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Ready to be taken to the next level? Learn how to apply HD evening make up

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What you'll learn
  • You will learn how to apply HD evening make up in order to work in front of the camera
  • You will learn how to take care of your skin before applying make up
  • You will get knowledge on how to apply make up base
  • You will learn how to apply cocktail make up
  • You will learn how to remove your make up
  • You will learn how to take care of make up tools

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Additional information

Looking for a comprehensive makeup tutorial to help you create a stunning evening look? Look no further than Winfinity's 17-minute HD Evening Makeup tutorial, designed for our Game Presenters to simplify their preparation for the shift easier, and may definitely find use in the makeup routine of any woman.

This video focuses on HD evening makeup, where you will learn the tips and tricks for creating a flawless and long-lasting look that's perfect for any occasion, especially if it involves lights, cameras, or a lot of smiling. The tutorial is divided into six easy-to-follow chapters, each one highlighting a specific aspect of skincare or makeup application. Ready? Let's go then!


  1. Skin types. The first chapter is all about skin types, where you'll discover how to identify and work with different skin types to achieve the best possible results.
  2. Skincare. Here you will learn about proper skin care - about its importance before and after makeup application. You'll discover the right products and techniques to use to prepare your skin for makeup, as well as how to care for your skin afterwards to maintain a healthy and glowing look.
  3. Makeup base. This part of the video is where you learn about the essential steps of creating a flawless base for your makeup. From foundation and concealer to powder and contour, this video will guide you through the process of creating a smooth and even canvas for your makeup.
  4. Cocktail makeup. Rebeka will show you how to create a bold and dramatic look that's perfect for special occasions. This video will teach you how to play with color and texture to create a unique and stunning makeup look that's sure to turn heads.
  5. Makeup removal. Finally, in the makeup removal chapter, you'll learn about the importance of proper makeup removal to maintain healthy and clear skin. You'll discover the right products and techniques to use to remove makeup gently and effectively, without damaging your skin.
  6. Taking care of your tools. In addition to the truly dramatic makeup masterclass, our amazing Game Presenter will also guide you on how to take care of your makeup tools, so you can extend their lifespan and keep them in good condition for your next makeup application.
  7. So why wait? Start watching Winfinity's 17-minute HD Evening Makeup tutorial today, and learn how to create stunning makeup looks that will leave a lasting impression and save you time. Good luck and you know what? You are beautiful, with or without makeup.

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