Makeup Artistry Basic to Masterclass , Online Makeup Course

Daily make up and evening makeup on different skin tones, eye shapes & face shape, online makeup courses , Makeup artist

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What you'll learn
  • Apply a day to evening Make Up on Yourself and later on your Clients with different Facial Features flawlessly and correct
  • Masterclass : Learn the latest Make Up looks ! From Soft Decent to Dramatic, Glamorous, Oriental & Bridal Looks on international models
  • Skin types & how to prepare and prime the perfect Base for every skin
  • Foundation Matching : Find the correct Foundation shade for your clients Skin Tone & know everything about the different Foundation types
  • Color Theory & How to use it correctly to make your Make Up Looks, look harmonious on every Face!
  • Get to know the exisiting different Eyeshapes and learn to enhance them correctly to make them stand out even more!(Eyeliner on Hooded,Downturned,Monolids etc.)
  • Determine Face shapes correctly & know how to sculpt them while Highlighting & Contouring
  • Clients Consultation : How to meet your Clients Expectations
  • Be a professional at what you do & start a Makeup career

There are no requirements other than having a simple make up kit with brushes and desirable would be a dose of passion ;)

Models ( Friends , Family ) to practice your skills on ,if you desire to challenge your make up skills

Additional information

Have you always been searching the practical answer on how to apply Makeup to Clients with different Skin colors, Skin types & Facial Features in Make-Up Classes but only got taught the Theory?

Then I'd like to WELCOME you to this course which was passionately created by me for YOU!

Back then as a Beginner in Make Up Artistry, I myself was in search of a course that could teach me the basics as detailed, informative, and structured as possible, that I could attend wherever and whenever I wanted! But the most important was that I could actually learn from step-by-step instructions and understand every taken step. Sounds really simple but it was not at that time. So I had to make my own experiences and go through many barriers to master the skills I own today and here I am, confident enough to introduce myself as your Online Teacher! All I want for you is to take the shortcut by benefiting from my knowledge and experience ALL in ONE Package, Plus get to study the same Makeup Artistry Content that is taught in expensive schools & workshops for a reasonable price!

In this course, you are going to learn Makeup Artistry from A to Z!

  • Starting with the Basics: We learn about topics like Sanitation & Hygiene, Color Theory, Skin Preparations & Primers, everything about Foundations (Skin Undertones, Coverage & Usage, etc. ), Brushes guidelines, Clients Consultation, Makeup preparations & appointments, etc.
  • Getting your hands warmed up: Enhancing your own beauty by learning the basic application techniques of Highlighting & Contouring, creating a Natural Eye Makeup Look, Shaping Eyebrows, Applying False Lashes, etc.

You are already advanced & just want to gain experience on how to apply different Makeup Techniques/ Looks on real-life Clients with different Facial Features?

You're at the right place as well!

  • Leveling Up: Time to apply our fresh new skills on different Facial Features, Skin Types & Skin Shades!
  • Now to the most important question: What makes this course different from its Competitors?
  • You don't just watch, you just do it because Makeup is Art and Art needs to be done. You study and practice. Do you have a question? You contact me and we explore answers and master them together.
  • We challenge ourselves. We learn about different Eye and Face shapes, different Skin Shades, and Different Skin Types and it won't be only in theory. I will demonstrate each step to different types of clients.
  • We are an active community and push each other to achieve more & turn our passion into our career.

What will you be able to do at end of this Course?

In the end, you will be confident enough to start your own Makeup career the way you always wanted it: Professional & High-Quality.



Makeup is super fun & you can totally experiment with it. If you're a complete beginner, fear not! Our ' Makeup quiz for beginners' is here to teach you more about makeup. Let's test your knowledge of makeup! You are expected to answer all the questions carefully.