Makeup on Mature Skin Masterclass

How to apply makeup on mature skin, flawless day makeup and evening makeup on mature skin type

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What you'll learn
  • Apply flawless Day & Evening Makeup on mature skin type
  • Transform a day makeup look into an evening (occasional look)
  • Learn the do's and don'ts when applying Makeup on mature skin
  • Hooded eyes: Apply the perfect classical smokey eye makeup on extreme hooded eyes
  • Base :Get to know the pro-tips on how to apply a seamless foundation base
  • Contour & Highlight : Learn how to lift the face on mature skin with makeup
  • Skincare & Primer: Get to know all the tips& tricks on how to achieve smooth,firm & youthful skin with the correct skincare steps
  • Lip Makeup : No more lipstick getting into the fine lines around the lips! Learn all the secrets to voluminous, longlasting lipstick application
  • Eyebrows: Learn how to fill and shape your brows for more volume & definition
  • Lashes: enhance your natural lashes or learn how to apply a pair of faux lashes for the evening makeup!

All you need is a makeup kit, good skincare products & dose of passion!

Additional information

"And the beauty of a woman with passing years, only grows"- Audrey Hepburn

With that being said, welcome to the highly requested mini Masterclass "Mature Skin Makeup Application"

When we age, the skin loses its elasticity, making it difficult to apply makeup without it creasing into our fine lines or looking too unnatural...

The good news is for every problem there is a solution! With this mini Masterclass, you will learn all the pro tips from our bestselling Instructor Hajar, on how to enhance aging beauty!

This course discusses every skincare & makeup step in detail and goes in-depth about how to apply soft, decent daily to a more sultry evening makeup!

We jump right into the practice and demonstrate the steps on a beautiful mature Model, explaining how to create a flawless base with skincare products, how primer will help your makeup lock into the skin, how to apply eyeshadow & eyeliner on extremely hooded eyes, how to make the complexion more youthful with the correct contouring steps,... and so much more!

This mini Masterclass is a great knowledge for women with mature skin who are absolute beginners to the makeup world and to all the aspiring Makeup artists who want to know how to work on clients with mature skin!

Additionally, you will get a pdf List with the must-have Makeup products, we recommend! So you can start your journey right away!

In case of concerns or further questions about the course content, our team is always ready to help and guide you!

Let's meet up in the lessons!

Makeup on Mature Skin Masterclass


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