The Ultimate Eyelash Extension Course

The ultimate online course you need to lash like a pro.

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What you'll learn
  • Eyelash extensions, health and safety, lash styling, application, client management, photography and so much more!

No prerequisites needed.

Additional information

In this course you will learn everything and anything you need to know about eyelash extensions. From health and safety, application, styling, client management, photography and SO much more, this course will leave you filled with knowledge, ready to take on the lash industry. If you're just starting to do lashes, we do recommend pairing this course up with an in person training. If you're already trained and looking to learn and improve your skill set, look no further, this course is everything you need and more!

In this course you will learn:

Natural Lashes

  • understanding natural lashes
  • what are layers
  • clients expectations and the effect of natural lashes
  • damaging natural lashes
  • factors that affect natural lash cycle
  • consent forms
  • lash cycle
  • baby lashes
  • gaps in lash line

Eye Disorders and Contraindications

  • different types of eye disorders and what they are
  • what to do with different disorders and contraindications
  • who not lash
  • things that affect lash extensions

Allergies and Irritation

  • difference between allergies and irritation
  • what causes irritation
  • sensitive and hypoallergenic glues
  • how to soothe eye and prevent irritation
  • eye bruising and chemical burn
  • debunking the 24-48h no water myth


  • difference between the 3 levels of disinfection
  • best solution to disinfect tools
  • how to properly disinfect tools
  • how to remove glue residue off your tweezers

Safety and Infection Control

  • safety and infection control tips
  • how to set up/clean the station between clients

Cleansing Lashes

  • tools needed to cleanse lashes
  • recommended products
  • why clients don't wash their lashes
  • importance of washing lashes
  • how to wash clients' lashes

Cleansing Your Own Lashes

  • how to wash your own lashes
  • what does it mean if the natural lashes fall out with the extensions


  • why proper poster is crucial to your lash career
  • how to properly sit while lashing
  • how high your lash bed needs to be
  • recommended distance between you and client
  • common mistakes lash techs make while lashing which inflicts pain in the long run
  • how to make lashing more comfortable
  • how to hold your tweezers


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